Play Cyber Defenders, a cybersecurity training game developed by HAI Group, to learn about the importance of—and keys to—online security. Defeat the villains and take your city back. What are you waiting for?

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About Cyber Defenders

HAI Group developed this engaging and educational game to empower housing agency employees and residents with the knowledge they need to stay safe online.


Cybersecurity can feel like a complex topic, but with Cyber Defenders, players can learn about the importance of online security through hands-on gameplay (we know that the best way to learn is through experience). The game challenges each player to protect their virtual hometown from a group of villains representing some of the gravest cybersecurity threats to housing agencies.   


We encourage you to experience this game and share it within your organization and with housing industry colleagues. By spreading the word about Cyber Defenders, you contribute to the collective effort to enhance cybersecurity awareness and readiness across the public and affordable housing sector.


Free Cybersecurity Resources To Help Defend Your Agency

Visit HAI Group's Cybersecurity Center to access free cybersecurity training and awareness resources curated for the public and affordable housing industry.

Visit HAI Group Cybersecurity Center