Why Should Affordable Housing Organizations Invest in Cybersecurity?

Multifamily affordable housing organizations are more vulnerable than you realize, especially with an increasingly remote workforce. Cybercriminals attack housing providers with alarming frequency, using discreet and difficult-to-detect methods to access private systems and confidential data that put residents, employees, and entire housing organizations at risk.

Since 2016, the U.S. has experienced about 4,000 ransomware attacks daily. Cybercriminals don’t just focus on larger companies with deep pockets—70% of ransomware attacks affect businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.


Cybersecurity Resources

A collection of fact sheets, checklists, and infographics covering the most urgent cybersecurity topics in the world of affordable housing.

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Cybersecurity on the Blog

In-house and contributed articles covering the latest cybersecurity threats, trends, and tips for affordable housing providers.

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Free Cybersecurity Training 

Learn how to assess your organization's cybersecurity approach and train employees to identify and avoid attacks. (login required)

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HAI Group Has You Covered

Ready to start your journey to becoming a more cyber-resilient housing organization? Contact a member of our Account Services team to learn about your cyber coverage options.

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“Everyone is a target, and I cannot stress that enough. Malicious actors are going to find ways to exploit whomever they can. When you look at housing organizations, they often don’t have the resources to protect themselves.”

— Scott Stevens, chief information security officer, Integrity Technology Solutions



Sharpen Your Cyber Skills: Embark on a Learning Adventure with Cyber Defenders 

HAI Group developed this engaging and educational game to empower housing agency employees and residents with the knowledge they need to stay safe online.

We encourage you to experience this game and share it within your organization and with housing industry colleagues. 


Free Cybersecurity Services for Public Housing

Register for MS-ISAC, a free service recommended by HAI Group’s security team—and the Department of Homeland Security. Short on time? We recommend starting with the cybersecurity alerts, the MS-ISAC toolkit, and the Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting (MDBR) service, which can block the vast majority of ransomware infections by preventing the initial outreach to a ransomware delivery domain!