Welcome to HAI Group's Fire Prevention Center, your trusted resource hub for all things fire safety and prevention in the multifamily housing industry. 

Act now to safeguard your communities against the growing threat of fires.

HAI Group's internal data paints a startling picture: the severity of fire losses experienced by policyholders continues to increase year-over-year, from an average of just under $40,000 per loss in 2018 to nearly $60,000 per loss in 2022.

Cooking fires are the largest loss source, while incidents of arson and fires attributed to smoking are on the rise. Dive into the statistics, and you'll discover that unattended cooking is the catalyst for most cooking fires. These culinary calamities are twice as likely to strike within the walls of apartments compared to single-family homes, according to a National Fire Protection Association analysis

Explore our resources, stay informed, and join us in our mission to create safer housing environments for all. Your commitment to fire prevention today can save lives and protect your community's future.

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Fire Prevention Resources

Access our employee and resident-facing fact sheets, guides, and infographics dedicated to addressing the most pressing fire prevention concerns in housing.

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Browse our blog content exploring the landscape of fire prevention challenges, emerging safety trends, and invaluable tips tailored for housing providers.

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Fire Prevention Training 

Elevate your fire safety preparedness with specialized training courses designed for public and affordable housing organizations. 

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"Fire safety in public and affordable housing is not just about protecting property; it's about safeguarding lives and fostering resilient communities." 

— Dr. Reginald Freeman, chief risk officer, HAI Group


Free Game: Test Your Fire Safety Knowledge!

Beat the Blaze is a fire safety learning game developed to help increase your awareness of fire safety.

Answer as many fire safety questions as you can to work your way through a house. Try to beat the clock, avoid obstacles, and out-score your friends along the way.

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